Cat Boarding

Cats don’t like change and new arrivals frequently lay low in their litter box for several hours. We show them love and usually gain their trust by the second day. From then on it is a very pleasant experience for them. They are let out into the Cat Inn which is a large room with a window ledge where they can sit and watch the birds flitting in the trees outside. There is a cat tree with platforms where they can also lay and sunbathe. At night they are safely back in their condo for dinner and sleeping. Our large cat condos are 4? by 4? by 2? and have two elevated resting platforms so they can be up from their litter box that is on the floor. We provide stainless steel food and water dishes for our feline friends. We feed Purina hairball food or you may bring your own. The Cat Inn room is located right near our office check in area and we keep the litter boxes cleaned all the time and interact with the kitties a lot. We know them by name and they trust us.

Why should I board my cat?

It is important to remember that cats do not usually travel well. They usually do not enjoy it, nor do they adapt well to travel. Many people who try to take kitty along with them on their vacation end up spending most of their time searching for their escaped pet.

Leaving your cat with friends can be just as unsatisfactory. Cats must go through an adjustment period in a new environment and this means they will not look upon your friend’s house as “home” for quite awhile. Therefore, your cat may try to escape from the strange house at every opportunity or hide as a fear reaction. Most cat owners realize that it is not fair to impose this kind of responsibility on their friends, nor is it a safe arrangement for their pets.

Obviously, the most satisfactory way of arranging for such care is to entrust your cat to a qualified cat boarding facility where the security arrangements are adequate to insure that your cat will not escape and where the personnel are trained in observing and handling any problems that may arise in your absence.

Cats enjoy the “protected” feeling they get from being placed in a condo unit while being boarded. Your cat will probably want to sit in his litter box until he feels comfortable in the new environment. Human contact does not necessarily accelerate this period of acclimation. It has to take place at the cat’s own speed. A common reaction of cat owners to the idea of boarding is “kitty loves to run around.” Perhaps he does at home, but while he is in unfamiliar surroundings his condo gives him a feeling of safety. When your cat is in a new environment he will prefer safety to space.


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